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SPARC leadership

SPARC leadership is composed of experts from around the world who dedicate their time to SPARC's international activities. These include the SPARC Scientific Steering Group (SSG), who serve to guide SPARC's scientific focus, targeted activities and their leaders, the WCRP Joint Science Committee Liaisons, and Joint Planning Staff officer, as well as the the International Project Office (SPARC Office)

Current members of the SPARC Scientific Steering Group (SSG) are:


N. Harris (UK): Cranfield University
J. Perlwitz (USA): National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Members (2017)

G. Beig (India): Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology
H. Hendon (Australia): Bureau of Meteorology
A. Karpechko (Finland): Finnish Meteorological Institute
O. Martius (Switzerland): Oeschger Centre for Climate Change Research, University of Bern
M. Santee (USA): NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
K. Sato (Japan)
: University of Tokyo
H. Schmidt (Germany): Max Planck Institute for Meteorology
S.-W. Son (Republic of Korea): Seoul National University
D.J. Wuebbles (USA): University of Illinois
T.J. Zhou (China): LASG, Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Ex-Officio Members

WMO/GAW: G. O. Braathen (WMO) 

COSPAR: J. P. Burrows (Germany) 

IGAC: C. Granier (France/USA) 

SCOSTEP: M. Geller (USA): Marine Sciences Research Center; State University of New York 
NDACC: M. J. Kurylo (USA): Goddard Earth Sciences and Technology Center

Contact at WCRP Joint Planning Staff

B. Lee (WMO)

Activity Leaders

For a full list of activity leaders see the Activities pages.